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MAKERbuino super-duper link cable (shipping early September 2017)



  • one MAKERbuino super-duper link cable

Playing games on a game console you’ve made is fun. But you know what’s even more fun: having a multiplayer gaming party on retro DIY game consoles.
You heard it, MAKERbuino game consoles can connect with link cables, exchange data, and play multiplayer games.
The consoles communicate using i2c communication – a type of communication protocol used to interface microcontrollers with sensors and other microcontrollers.

Since i2c is serial, you can chain more than 2 MAKERbuino consoles together using link cables. Theoretically, you can connect up to 128 MAKERbuinos together and make a massive multiplayer match.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email (contact@, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Google+ or just ask the community on the Gamebuino Forum.

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Weight 50 g


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