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Ever wanted to build your own game console? MAKERbuino is what you need!
This neat little device is an open source game console you can build yourself (it’s fully DIY – do it yourself).
Besides being a cool retro handheld device, MAKERbuino is also an educational device shaped like a game console.

Thanks to 1,574 awesome backers, we were successfully funded on Kickstarter!

MAKERbuino's crowdfunding campaign is over but don't worry, you can get a MAKERbuino via our webshop.

Do It Yourself

Modify it's hardware and software

embrace the nostalgia

Make your own Game Boy!

With MAKERbuino you can build your own game console from scratch! It’s assembled with ease. All of the components are easy to solder. All you need is some basic soldering skills and you’re good to go!
The device is based on easy-to-find components and programmed in Arduino – one of the most popular DIY microcontroller platforms.

More than a game console

MAKERbuino’s hardware and software are extremely hackable. The kit was designed to encourage you to make new content and extensions for it. Building the MAKERbuino kit is only the beginning. Program a cool retro game, add an extra analog stick, connect a GSM module, use your MAKERbuino to control a quadcopter, add a Wi-Fi module and connect it to the internet…
We can’t wait to see what amazing MAKERbuino software and hardware projects you can make!


Design a custom 3D printed or CNC cut casing, change the button caps, turn your MAKERbuino in a cellphone… Make your MAKERbuino unique. Throughout the process of hacking and customization, you’ll enter the world of electronics, CAD designing, 3D printing, programming, all in a fun and challenging way.
Nevertheless, MAKERbuino is not only for the beginners. It’s capabilities will keep more advanced users busy as well.

A vast open source game library

MAKERbuino is fully compatible with Gamebuino, our collaborative project. That means that you can play more than 50 games made by the community and available online with source code: games gallery

Educational tool shaped like a GameBoy

MAKERbuio is a great (and also fun and cool) tool for learning and/or teaching various forms of STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).
Solder your own game console, play cool retro games, learn STEM through fun and interesting tutorials, make the game of your dreams, share with a large community.

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MAKERbuino tutorials

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Inspired by Gamebuino, made in collaboration with Gamebuino

We followed the Gamebuino project since the launch of the initial campaign in 2013. The MAKERbuino project started as a weekend DIY Gamebuino and grew into something more. Now we collaborate with the creator of Gamebuino that generously helps the project, promotes it and sells it on the official Gamebuino shop.

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Do you wish to know a bit more about MAKERbuino's technical spefications?

Check out the detailed hardware specification guide. Click the button below!

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